New COVID-19 measures, nationwide testing, return to school

Dear EISB family,                                                                                 

Due to the development of the pandemic situation with COVID-19, we are forced to comply with the following measures. Please pay attention to the information below. We apologize in advance for any possible complication. Thank you. We can do it together.  

Online learning

Online learing continutes till 27. 11. 2020.  in gragdes : Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Year 11, Year 12. If you have any questions about online learining, please contact the class teacher. We thank you. Preliminary date of retun to school is Monday, 30. 11. 2020.

Education at school 

Continues in years: Pre school, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6.  Clubs, lunches, and after care work as before.   

In case that your child must remain in home quarantine for any reason, contact your class teacher and arrange online learning. We thank you.

Holidays and days off in the EISB

As nationwide testing for COVID-19 will not take place in the building of our school, no extra holidays in November 2020 are planned in the EISB beyond the published calendar.

Tuesday 17.11. is a public holiday (non-working day). Monday 16.11. is a standard school day.

In case of changes, we will have to tell you first. Please follow Edupage, e-mail and school web page.  

Electives / Clubs / Aftercare / Pick up children / Masterclasses

Electives for „Primary“ end daily at 3:15 p.m.

Electives for „Secondary“ end daily at 3:00 p.m. (online form)

Clubs for Primary remain open under conditions of use of high hygienic measures, according to the valid schedule. 

Children must be picked up by 5:00 p.m.

Masterclasses are cancelled. 

Field trips, other trips 

All school field trips, and other trips, are cancelled.  

Wearing masks

Wearing masks is mandatory the whole day for all children in Year 2 – Year 6. It is highly recommended for children in Pre-School and Year 1. Parents should provide their children with at least two masks (a spare, the child must carry with them if necessary) and tissues. 

Entrance to the school building

Teachers, staff, students are allowed. If the parents have a negative test, they can enter the school building. It is necessary to carry proof of a negative test or to fill in the form “Declaration of the school visitor on infectivity”. We thank you.  

Nationwide testing, home quarantine 

We thank you to all parents who took part in the nationwide testing last weekend. 

Parents of kids who did not take the tests and remain in 10-day home quarantie with their children (applies to children under 10 years of age who were not required to tek the test) are reminded that home quarantine without a doctor´s certificate ends 13. 11. 2020. The child must bring to the school the completed form Declaration of the legal representative on infectivity / Vyhlásenie zákonného zástupcu o bezinfekčnosti.

We would like to draw attention to all parents that if you leave your child in home quarantine because you have learned of a COVID-19 positive person with whom you or the child have been in contact, you must report this immediately to school management, the class teacher or the EISB Office.

Return to school

For any abscence lasting more than three consecutive days (excluding weekends and holidays), the child must bring a completed form Declaration of the legal representative on infectivity / Vyhlásenie zákonného zástupcu o bezinfekčnosti.

COVID-19 useful information sources

All important and up-to date information about COVID-19 disease and measures taken by the government of the Slovak Republic to limit to spread of the disease can be found at

Information about the nationwide testing can be found at

All about Coronavirus in the Slovak Republic by Ministry of Health

School documents by Ministry of Education 

COVID-19 required documents for download 

Declaration of the legal representative on infectivity

Formulár o bezinfekčnosti

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