Final Week of 2021-2022

Another school year comes to a close. Thank you 21/22. Many bumps on the road, but were better for them and made it through stronger than where we started.

Thank you students, who kept to task, focused on learning and all of you developed, grew, and matured that much more.

Thank you, teachers, for caring, sharing and guiding our students through.

Thank you, parents, for partnering with us and supporting that partnership in providing your children with a wonderful learning experience.

And thank you EISB administration for supporting all of us, all the way through.

Together, it’s quite a team.

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday, and see you at the end of the summer. Before we go, a few memories to go away with

EISB Primary 2021-2022

EISB Academy 2021-2022

Final Week 2022

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