Used uniform sale continues…

Last Friday we prepared for the Parents a nice occasion how to save money. We organized a second hand uniform sale, what had a big success. Now we would like to continue with it. On June 11, 2021 between 2-3.30 p.m. in the School you can choose and buy the following clothes for only 3 EUR/ each piece!

PHE shirt size 7-8years (122-128c,) 3 pieces,

T-shirt short sleeve 128cm -4 pieces, 134cm-3 pieces, 140cm-2 pieces,

T-shirt long sleeve 116cm-8 pieces, 128cm-1 piece, 134cm- 5 pieces,

Vest: 128cm-1 piece, 134cm-1 piece, 140cm- 1 piece,

Pullover: 128cm- 1 piece, 134cm-3 pieces,

Cardigan: 128cm-1 piece, 134cm- 2 pieces, 140cm-3 pieces,

Throusers: 110cm- 2 pieces, 116cm- 1 piece, 128cm- 3 pieces, 140cm-6pieces, 146cm-2 pieces,

Skirt-shorts: 104cm- 1 piece, 140cm-2 pieces,

Skirt: 140cm-2 pieces,

Dress: 110cm-1 piece.

Thank you to everyone, who participated in this collection and helped our Parents Association!  Thank you also for your purchase. The money that we have collected during the uniform sale were used to prepare a surprise for our kids for the Children’s Day. Read our previous article about how kids enjoyed it.

Looking forward to seeing you on June 11 afternoon at the school !

Your EISB PA Board

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